Hey, I’m Joel.

Commitment copywriter and brand messaging strategist

I help B2B, SaaS, and open-source companies tell stories that drive commitment.

But before I tell more of my story, let's talk about that word.

Joel Hans, commitment copywriter for B2B, SaaS, and open source, with his mountain bike

Once upon a time, you committed to the work you're doing today.

You launched a new startup. Took a new job that expanded your opportunities (and your obligations!). Started publicizing a project you've been building in stealth mode. Whatever your motivations, there came a moment where you had to decide about the next few months or years of your working life.

“Today is the day. That's the direction I'm headed.”

A moment that's equal parts thrilling, terrifying, and necessary.

That's how your customers are feeling, too. They're also looking to make a change, and that's not the time to rush or bully them into a decision. It's definitely not the time to “convert” them (yuck!) either.

Instead, you have an opportunity to be a guiding force. To inspire them, through honesty, to make their best possible decision.

Commit to others the way you want to them to commit to you… right?

Let's talk about my commitments—

(Like dropping into this feature for the first time!)
Joel Hans, commitment copywriter for B2B, SaaS, and open source, with his mountain bike

2016. I had just finished up my Master's in Creative Writing (MFA) from the University of Arizona.

The great thing about an open-ended, creative degree is that you can pair writing with something else you're passionate about, and all of a sudden, you're living the dream. I've been a desktop Linux user for twenty years, and have always had a passion for technology—time to buckle down, go freelance, and pave my own way.

2017. Full-speed ahead with Nurse Media!

I focused on technical writing and I found a few steady clients, who gave me the opportunity to write about every tech acronym under the sun: AI, ML, IoT, CI/CD, SRE, AIOps, LAMP, k8s, eBPF, and a whole lot more. But I also started feeling directionless. Was my work actually having an impact? Was it helping anyone?

2019. A surprise job offer meant dramatic, unexpected change.

A surprise job offer: To lead documentation and educational writing for a new-and-growing startup. I spent the next two years on user documentation and developer experience, creating content that genuinely helped people be better at their jobs and build more resilient infrastructure. I loved it. I learned what genuinely useful technical writing looks like.

2021. VC-funded growth curves demand SEO trickery over creativity.

I was asked to produce content designed for search crawlers, not people. The work lost its sense of honesty. It was designed to “convert” (aka trick) readers into clicking on a download link or fill out a lead generation form. I needed to get back to my roots: Telling stories that inspire people to jump in.

I committed to a creative business for tech brands that value empowering people, not extracting profit.

You're here because that sounds good to you, too.

We want to genuinely help people learn more and work smarter. We believe technology can be a force for good, not just conversion, growth, and retention. We care about sharing stories over code. We're building for people, not bots.

With my COMMIT Framework, you'll finally have brand messaging and copywriting that tells the right story about your company and your product to get people to commit to your work with enthusiasm, passion, and loyalty.

Some fun && odd facts about me:

Joel Hans, commitment copywriter for B2B, SaaS, and open source, with his mountain bike