Hello && welcome!

I work with B2B, B2D (that’s business to developer!), and SaaS tech brands that need commitment from technical leaders, engineers, and developers.

Brands that understand that educating and sharing knowledge is the only way to drive commitments in a fast-moving, competitive landscape.

That includes the behemoths in B2B, B2D, and SaaS, like IBM, Red Hat, and Autodesk. Plus startups like Netdata, IMG SRVR, and Athens Research. And all the amazing in-betweeners, too, like Raygun, OpenText, Sumo Logic. Plus a dash of web3 and decentralization with Radicle.

Why do they choose to work with me? Because I'm fueled by an uncanny combination of creative knack and technical know-how.

And if you’ve made it this far...

You should probably commit to some uncanniness.

Joel Hans, copywriter specialized in generating commitment for B2B, B2D, and SaaS tech brands

Creative, eh?

I spent two years immersed in storytelling while getting my Master's (MFA) in Creative Writing from the University of Arizona.

I learned storytelling techniques that don't get taught in marketing, communications, or business schools. It's more than applying a framework—it's about practicing creative intuition, collecting feedback, and discovering how to land words with genuine impact.

I've published dozen of stories in prestigious magazines. Here, take a peek at a personal favorite: "A Man, His Oblations".

I've done it all—except publish a novel. But don't worry, I'm working on that, too.

Just how technical?

This very website runs on a custom stack with NextJS, MDX, Tailwind, and Vercel, and it's all open-source.

Vertical vs. horizontal scaling? Got it. Time-series databases? Been there. Running eBPF programs on the command line? Unfortunately, yes!

AI? ML? IoT? CI/CD? SRE? EDC? AIOps? I've written about it all.

I've launched LAMP stacks, written docker-compose files, and spun up Kubernetes clusters on AWS.

Heck, I've been a desktop Linux user for twenty years. I used to compile my own kernels on Arch Linux.

Your tech doesn't scare me.