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I helped the founder of this Detroit, Mich.-based SaaS startup identify the real value of his product, then crafted copywriting that resonates with the pains of the target audience—PR professionals who want to create impeccable experiences for the journalists they're pitching—to inspire sign-ups from high-value prospects.

Copywriting and content work for IMG SRVR


IMG SRVR visual file-sharing SaaS platform from Detroit, Michigan. They're building a visual file-sharing platform specifically for creatives and the people they engage with professionally, such as PR agencies and potential buyers.

The intial assignment from the founder, Amani Olu, was simple: Write some transactional emails to engage new users of the SaaS's free tier and convert them into the paid tiers. I created messaging that taught them exactly how IMG SRVR solved their biggest pain points.

After getting the sign-off on the transactional emails, Amani offered up a more sophisticated assignment: Create a new brand for the company within just a few weeks to get them ready to launch the product ahead of Detroit Art Week.


I worked with Amani to identify his company's mission, vision, core values, audience, and value proposition. We identified his ideal customer profile, followed by their top three pain points, and then I worked to define the cost (in money, time, and energy) if they don't fix those problems.

I wrote a brand strategy and vision that defined the new status quo that IMG SRVR enabled: PRs can boost their productivity, have more consistent and positive experiences with their clients, and ensure that journalists can easily access the story to boost the likelihood of a successful placement.

Once we buttoned up the tone of the messaging, I crafted a homepage and features grid that resonates with these pains and teaches the true benefit of IMG SRVR. With the refined brand, Amani and his team were ready to get the website up and running, load up all the transactional emails into their backend, and launch with confidence.

Thank you, Amani, for entrusting me with the complexity of launching a SaaS brand!

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Sample website copy

IMG SRVR is an all-in-one, visual media center designed to help PRs collect, organize and share images with journalists, and track and measure results for clients.

Securing press is essential to your work—but it shouldn’t be complicated. We designed our file-sharing system to be both effective and beautiful, with organization that presents images in stunning resolution. IMG SRVR is our stress-free file-sharing solution for PR pros.

No more wasting time on caption sheets and frustrating correction requests. IMG SRVR automatically generates a caption sheet with every download, ensuring your coverage comes without a hitch.