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I collaborated with the OpenText team on the go-to-market (GTM) strategy for their latest product, Magellan, a flexible artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics platform, then created rich technical assets designed to attract CTOs and IT leadership and begin enterprise sales motions.

Copywriting and content work for OpenText


As Canada's largest software company, OpenText is no stranger to big launches featuring sophisticated technology to help large businesses manage their data.

On one level, this was true of their upcoming launch of Magellan, a brand new artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics platform. They had oodles of engineering prowess and a pre-wired solution. Tons of features backed by an intricate architecture they were all too excited to talk about.

On another level, the cross-functional Magellan team was struggling to define how they would distill a highly technical solution into language their target audience—line-of-business teams, CTOs, and CIOs—would immediately resonate with.

They had plenty of expertise, including implementation engineers and bright marketers, but couldn't quite figure out how to talk about Magellan as people. They couldn't escape the tangle of jargon long enough to craft a story.


I hopped into the conversation just a few months before the official launch of Magellan. I had two tasks.

First, I needed to craft a story for Magellan's target audience: How much better does your work life get with Magellan on your side?

Second, I needed to weave that story into the technical content that engineers, data scientists, CTOs, and CIOs expect. I couldn't just jump in and write a piece of fiction showcasing the value of (although I have done exactly that before).

I sat in strategy sessions with the Magellan team and coordinated with internal subject matter experts to deeply understand the target customer for each use case. I advised the team on a marketing playbook, with key messages defined for each target persona, which they could use in other activation strategies.

I then delivered launch-ready technical copywriting in the form of two assets: a solution overview and an eBook.

We didn't just focus on the features of Magellan or its apparent benefits. We told a story that resonated with both line-of-business teams and their CTO/CIOs: One pre-wired solution, countless valuable results.

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