Inspire the developers and engineering leaders of open source and cloud native to commit.

Developers, platform engineers, GitOps ?? DevOps practitioners, and the engineering leaders who manage them are exhausted by the pothole-ridden path of choosing the right tools for their stack. Great writing makes your brand shine as the paved road experience they've been looking for all along.

Marketing to the open source and cloud native communities isn't the same as other developer marketing. These folks opt for sharing information over hard marketing sells, which means your copywriting and content need to provide real-world value every time. When you prioritize solving the day-to-day problems these folks face in their stacks, and educate them on novel opportunities in culture or process, you start building the trust and authority required to inspire that first commitment.

With more than ten years of experience in open source and cloud native technology, plus a portfolio of successful content and copywriting projects for specialized audiences of brands like the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, ngrok, Devtron, and beyond, I can reach technical folks with purchasing power and steer them toward the paved road of your product.

I work across messaging/copywriting and content—let's find the perfect path for inspiring the commitment you need.

Jeff MartensCEO, Metrist

Joel was an absolute pleasure to work with and I couldn't be happier with the results of our engagement. As a software company building products for software developers, it is critical that we work with people that have a high aptitude for deeply technical topics, and that is exactly what we got from Joel. One of the things that I appreciated from our engagement with Joel is that he didn't just produce the work we asked him to collaborate with us on, he got us to a better product by first laying the foundations of our messaging and then applied that foundation to the rest of our work together.

He helped us do what we didn't even know we needed to do, and the result was our most loved portion of the deliverables. It's not just technical aptitude and a great understanding of the process and journey around strategic messaging, Joel was incredible with seeking empathy for our target audience, ensuring that our messaging would actually resonate with them, not just sound good to us.

Spend your time doing what you do best and let Joel save you a ton of time by doing what he does best.

Inspiring commitment with open source, cloud native, and technically-rich brands

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