I energize open-source startups with technical copy and strategic storytelling to win developer trust.

A picture of Joel Hans, copywriter and content marketer for open-source startups.

Products for developers and engineers are already tough to write for. You need to translate a complex repository of technical jargon into brand story, feature-driven copy, and educational content. That gets even tougher when you put all your code directly into the open-source ecosystem—or keep some of it under wraps in an open-core model—and put your startup under even tougher scrutiny.

I get it. I have 10 years of focused experience in deep-tech products for app developers, DevOps/platform engineers, and security specialists. With literacy in code, infrastructure, and story in equal measures, I write copy and marking content for the technical audiences of open-source and open-core startups.

I embed in marketing, DevRel, and content teams for the long haul to accelerate all your current tactics and upskill your existing team to help you win the trust of technical audiences—not just for a single campaign or quarter, but for the long haul.

If you’re ready to get your technical audience to commit through copy and content, let’s talk.