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Marketing an open-source company is unlike any other

It's way more complex than converting anyone or 10x-ing anything.

You're running a company using an innovative, complex business model that relies on both paying customers and a group of free-loving developers and engineers who will either spend their time contributing to your project for free or figuring out how to fork you.

They need to know that you're in open source for the right reasons. That you care about the developer experience and know how to prioritize each community's needs. That you aren't going to change up your licensing in a way that affects their operations. They want you to be transparent.

Paid or free, the tech world is full of people who want to commit their time and money to companies that operate transparently. But these are developers and engineers we're talking about—the standard marketing operating procedure doesn't work.

Are you talking about your open-source story in a way that inspires commitment from your customers, developers, and contributors?

Open-source copywriting is about more than unique value propositions and target personas.

And no, I don't mean I'm all about hockey-stick GitHub star growth.

You need transparent messaging around your business model, whether that's open-core or service-based. Powerful wayfinding devices to help your community and contributors self-organize around your brand. Clear educational pathways for your developer audience. A clear vision that makes many disparate, decentralized groups line up to commit their time, money, and expertise.

Whether open-source at their core or on the periphery, I've worked with some amazing tech, SaaS, and B2B companies, including:

Logo for IBM
Logo for Red Hat
Logo for Johnson & Johnson
Logo for Autodesk
Logo for Netdata
Logo for SSD Nodes
Logo for IMG SRVR
Logo for Athens Research
Logo for OpenText
Logo for Sumo Logic

Joel was our first marketing hire and has been a key member of our marketing team since 2016. Joel is deeply and uniquely talented in voice, branding, and copywriting. I strongly recommend taking the opportunity to work with him.

Matt ConnorCEO, Strasmore & SSD Nodes

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