Past and present clients who’ve been thrilled by our commitment.

Joel was an absolute pleasure to work with and I couldn’t be happier with the results of our engagement. As a software company building products for software developers, it is critical that we work with people that have a high aptitude for deeply technical topics, and that is exactly what we got from Joel. One of the things that I appreciated from our engagement with Joel is that he didn’t just produce the work we asked him to collaborate with us on, he got us to a better product by first laying the foundations of our messaging and then applied that foundation to the rest of our work together.

He helped us do what we didn’t even know we needed to do, and the result was our most loved portion of the deliverables. It’s not just technical aptitude and a great understanding of the process and journey around strategic messaging, Joel was incredible with seeking empathy for our target audience, ensuring that our messaging would actually resonate with them, not just sound good to us.

Spend your time doing what you do best and let Joel save you a ton of time by doing what he does best.

— Jeff Martens • CEO, Metrist

Joel is incredibly good at listening to all of the different components brought to the table including the technical aspects, industry norms, and product capabilities to help teams zero in on a main theme and create a compelling story no matter how technical the topic. His unique set of technical know-how and literary skills makes him the perfect fit for anyone looking to create compelling developer-focused content.

— Cortney Nickerson • Developer Advocate, Monokle by Kubeshop

With most writers I had to adapt to the writer’s technique, process, or their existing knowledge on the topic. Not with Joel. Joel enabled me to explore different ideas that fitted with various experiments I was running, and he adapted to achieve whatever the goal was. I would absolutely work with Joel again whenever I’m looking to create well researched technical content or have a content strategy I want to nail!

If you want to up your content game while having a content writer that adapts and supports your style/vision/knowledge depth/workflow, Joel is the perfect person for it.

— Abdallah Abedraba • Developer Advocate, Zuplo

Joel single handedly picked up all of Netdata’s educational content and raised it to another, much more professional level. His deep expertise, self motivation, and impressive work ethic enabled him to achieve impressive results. What really sets him apart is that he is a genuinely nice person, who really cares about others and his work. We had many opportunities to collaborate and it was always a blast, even when the pressure was high. I would love to work with him again in the future. I recommend him unreservedly for any position in his domain of expertise.

— Christoforos Akritidis • COO, Netdata